Founder & Mission


Animal lover since age four. Veterinary degrees awarded in Europe and America. Animal protection activist. Animal shelter and humane society volunteer. International veterinary exchange program officer. Animal acupuncturist. Veterinary Clinic Medical Director. Fluent in four languages (and some would add a fifth – “animal whisperer” – to the list, too). Current owner of 13 dogs, 4 horses, and 8 cats. Wife, mother and resident of Chandler, Arizona.

Titles, labels, degrees and influence in local, national and worldwide veterinary causes only begin to describe Eva DeCozio-Bush, DVM, co-founder, board chair and medical director of Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary (PAWS) based in metro Phoenix.

“I am driven to advocate for and provide direct care to those who cannot speak for themselves — helpless animals of all sizes who ask for nothing but compassionate care,” says Dr. Eva as she is affectionately known to all with whom she has contact. “It’s just who I am, who I have always been, and what I will always do.”

Almost five years ago, although ever busy with family and career obligations, Dr. Eva initiated plans to fulfill a need that was both personal and professional. “After volunteering for animal welfare organizations throughout Arizona there were just too many animals housed in public or private shelters being euthanized because no one came forward to offer treatment or love,” said Dr. Eva. “With the second highest rate of animal euthanasia in the United States, Maricopa County and the greater metro Phoenix area simply has too many animals in need so it was simply time to do something about the statistics and the individual lives they represent.”

Founded Panacea in 2009, the vision became formally supported by a community-based board of directors, a cadre of families fostering rescued animals, and volunteers who work tirelessly to “spread the word” about Panacea’s efforts. While a physical wellness sanctuary resided on Dr. DeCozio’s property, the ultimate goal for Panacea is to build the wellness sanctuary which will be living proof that useless animal euthanasia can and is being eradicated, one animal at a time.


The members of our local community have always known Dr. DeCozio by her reputation of donating her time to Panacea animals, providing consultations to local shelters and helping other rescues when crisis arise.   However, in 2014 the rest of the world was introduced to Dr. DeCozio when she the American Humane Association (AHA, the accrediting authority for hospitals) named Dr. DeCozio as the Hero Veterinarian of the year.   Please meet our Founder.