Meet Our Sponsors

These amazing businesses contribute to our community on a daily basis.  Whether a small local business or a national establishment, community is at the center, and for most of us that includes supporting our furry pets and those orphaned, shelter animals needing our help.  Panacea highly recommends getting to know these businesses.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to:

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Affordable Image has been helping small businesses grow and prosper with creative marketing solutions and branding since 1996.  There’s no need to shop from firm to firm when you know you can rely solely on Affordable Image’s expertise in website design, graphic, digital marketing, direct mail marketing, business services and search engine optimization.  How wonderful is it to know that talented local professionals are there for you and your business, guiding you through the complicated process of marketing and branding that can really revolutionize  your business image?





American Fitness is based in Tempe, Arizona and a wholesaler providing product to all the large nutrition, supplement and retail stores.   Although American Fitness does not sell directly to the public they are our favorite “man behind the curtain” making sure we all stay healthy.   As avid animal lovers, American Fitness wants to remind all of us, we have to take care of ourselves so we can be around tomorrow to take care of our furry family members.






american heartThe American Heart Association is a non-profit organization in the United States that is committed to making sure we take appropriate cardiac care in an effort to reduce disability and deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke.   Our pets and families depend upon us!   BONUS:   If you are attending Panacea’s Spay Pride 5K Walk Run, the American Heart Association has included a special gift in all participant bags.





The Arizona Cardinals and the Bidwill family whose dedication to various philanthropies is evident through the support they provide to our local community.   Whether you are the owner of a NFL team or your average person, we all know the relationship with our pets just makes every day enjoyable.   Click here to hear Michael Bidwill talk about his best friend four-legged friend Reilly, a very sweet girl that Panacea rescued from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.  With Michael Bidwill’s help, this little girl not only lived but thrives.   I mean, not everyone can hold the title of “Canine Executive Officer” for the Arizona Cardinals, so you have to know how incredibly special Reilly is to our entire Panacea family.





Slide115-BeerBarkiesTM - small (640x353)Beer Barkies is a home town business created by two local chefs with a passion for healthy food and providing healthy treat choices to our four-legged family members. With years of experience in catering and food service, these two amazing chefs saw how much spent grain was just thrown away by various micro breweries during the process of creating beer.   The remnants of this process results in high fiber, protein rich grain that just ended up in the trash. Teaming up with local breweries, the grain now is transported to the Beer Barkies kitchen and combined with nutritious, natural ingredients to create non-alcoholic, crunchy treats for your dogs.  We say “Four Paws Up” for a local business who recycles material that can be transformed into a tasty, healthy treat for our four-legged friends.   Beer Barkies is both veterinarian approved and received the seal of approval by some of the most finicky of pets. A portion of proceeds from the sale of all Beer Barkies benefits the orphaned, shelter animals rescued by Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary further continuing the tradition of giving back to this community!  BONUS:  All participants in Panacea’s 5K Walk Run will receive a sample package of Beer Barkies to share with their favorite furry friends.





The team from Coffee Run joins us this year to make sure we have various specialized espresso drinks, hot or iced, chai, & smoothies available for purchase so we can keep our energy levels on target for race day.  Ane and Joe Gavazzi, who have called Arizona their home since 1992, loves to share their love for coffee so much that they were determined to bring true Italian Espresso to Arizona. The coffee is a Northern Italian blend, hot air roasted in Seattle and shipped directly to Coffee Run.   We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the team from Coffee Run join us event day!





Down Under Foods
is a family owned business after our own hearts, bringing delicious gourmet, home-made, Aussie savory pies, sweet treats, Aussie sodas and coffee to the Valley of the Sun!  You simply haven’t lived until you’ve eaten authentic Aussie cuisine.  And let’s face it you can’t go wrong where family and friends, including our furry family members, are at the center of your business.  Like many of us, the team from Down Under Foods will tell you how much their 3 rescue dogs are a central part of their family.  In honor of their furry family members the team from Down Under Foods generously donates their tips to Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary in support of saving our local, orphaned, shelter animals.    Simply put, this is an amazing family making a huge difference in our community.





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Our pets depend on us as caregivers.  So if we don’t take care ourselves, how are we going to take care of our furry friends.   EoS Fitness can help us because this local gym offers group fitness classes, personal training, weight training, cardio equipment, child care, tanning affordable pricing, and the motivation needed to achieve your fitness goals.  With spacious, comfortable workout environments that inspire results, EoS Fitness makes it easy to take your fitness routine up a notch every time you come in.  BONUS:  All Spay Pride 5K Walk Run will find a complimentary 7 day pass and consultation with a personal trainer from EOS Fitness in their race bags!






gu energylabsThrough training, we grow stronger, get faster, and learn how to endure more. By eating the right nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right time, we build our muscles, mend our bodies,and optimize our performance. Panacea was thrilled when GU Energy Labs told us they would be providing energy gel samples (in salted caramel, vanilla bean and strawberry banana) race day while supplies last. After all, we are what we eat and GU Energy Labs mission for the last 20 years has been to optimize every aspect of diet, and nutrition for athletes everywhere. Make sure to check your Spay Pride 5K Run/Walk race bag!







Honest Kitchen provides all pet owners the opportunity to feed human quality food to the pets.  Let’s face it, when we eat well, we feel well. And the same goes for our pets. Itching, scratching, appetite woes, upset tummies and more, can all be linked to problems with food. Switching away from highly processed pet food to minimally processed, vibrant whole foods from The Honest Kitchen may be just what the doctor — or veterinarian — ordered!  BONUS:  If you are joining us at Panacea’s Spay Pride 5K Walk Run, The Honest Kitchen will be providing sample packages of food in each participant bag.




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Hubert’s Lemonade is a company destined to bring “joy” and “fun” to your day, just like our furry friends.   We can’t thank Hubert’s Lemonade enough for helping provide a nutritious and amazing drink to quench our thirst after the long 5K.








pawsitively tees

PAWSitively Tee’s is a family owned business with 25 years of experience of creating custom t-shirts and accessories made to order.   With an expertise in graphic design, screen printing and other high tech methods, custom designs simply come to life.   Being a local business, Pawsitively Tee’s provides such support to local animal rescues, schools, bands, special events and anything else that may need that custom touch.   With “PAWS” in the name of the company you know this team has a heart of gold when it comes to our furry, four-legged family members.  So how lucky are we to have such talented people living, working and supporting our community?  BONUS: If you are registered to participate in Panacea’s 5K Walk Run then you will receive a race tee-shirt designed by our friends from PAWSitively Tee’s.







Pet Club has been been supplying Arizona with a variety of premium pet products at discount prices. This family owned and operated business has over over 60 locations in Arizona and Colorado!   When you really want to speak to an expert about quality and nutrition to keep your pets healthy, look no further than your local Pet Club.









Red Development, founded in 1995, has been a productive and reliable partner for retailers, financial institutions and investment funds, property owners, communities and municipalities adept at providing guidance for property acquisitions, asset management, property development and leasing.  Investment in property is never a trivial matter; so finding the expertise, local knowledge and a trusted guide like the team from RED is just invaluable in this economy!   Please stop by the Raffle booth at Panacea’s Spay Pride 5K Walk Run and check out the amazing gifts donated by RED!







redmountainRed Mountain Compounding Pharmacy is located in beautiful Mesa, Arizona and provides you and your pets with quality, custom made medications! It strives to provide the highest quality while still offering the one on one attention you deserve.   Founded in 2009, the staff prides themselves on working with the best wholesalers to ensure every ingredient used in your medication is right for your family members, including our pets. Being a local business, customers are never just another number, but members of our community.  When the community needs help, that is where Red Mountain Compounding Pharmacy can be there to make a difference!






Road Runner Sports was founded in 1983 focused on providing sports minded people like you with the ability to buy quality fitness products at great prices. Twenty-eight years later, Road Runner Sports can attribute its successes to the special one-on-one relationship it enjoys its customers that has made it a nationally recognized brand supporting fitness needs across the country.  As if that wasn’t enough, Road Runner Sports Athletes is one business dedicated to its local communities and it program called Athletes Helping Athletes has changed the lives of over 625 children with disabilities by providing them with handcycles.   We are so fortunate to be one of the few states in which Road Runner Sports has established local neighborhood retail stores so you can talk face to face with experts about your fitness needs.   We absolutely adore our friends at Road Runner Sports Tempe and thank them for allowing us to use their facility on February 15th so that all early birds can pick up their race packets at our Participation Pick Up Party.





SoreNoMoreUSA provides a professional line of natural pain relief gels welcomed by any “weekend warrior” that may have over extended themselves or for the consummate athlete always pushing their bodies to maximum.   Why do we love this company?   With a strong belief in pure and natural ingredients, combined with an unyielding stance against unhealthy solvents, diluting agents, animal testing and by-products, make Sore No More USA an economical, environmentally sensitive choice for everyone.   Simply put, paraben free, petroleum free, alcohol free, animal free by-products, cruelty free and vegan, non-greasy and non-staining to clothes and MADE IN THE USA!  BONUS: All registered Spay Pride 5K Walk Run participants will find a complimentary sample packet of the SORE NO MORE Natural Pain Relieving Gel in their race bags for post race care!







TLC Safety By Design is the creator of innovative & safety products for pets, adults and children, featuring the best-selling “Home Alone” plastic Emergency ICE ID cards with key tags – a must have safety product in your wallet and on your key ring! TLC Safety By Design is on a mission to help keep you and your loved ones (the 2 and 4-legged variety) safe and sound.   Panacea is thrilled to partner with such an amazing company!







VCA Logo SPOTVCA Animal Hospitals (VCA) operates more than 600 animal hospitals in 41 states across the nation and 4 Canadian provinces.  VCA strives to provide the very best in medical care for pets by providing a full range of general, surgical and specialized care because  VCA understands that our pets are family members who deserve the best care.  Through teams of veterinarians, technicians and professional staff with a genuine love of animals, the local teams at VCA Apache Junction Animal Hospital, VCA Tri-City Animal Hospital and Acacia Cat Hospital , VCA McCormick Ranch Animal Hospital, and  VCA Animal Referral and Emergency Center continue the tradition of supporting this local community through compassion shown for both pets and their owners.



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Yelp was founded in 2004 to help connect people with great local business.   In 2015 I think we can safely say that with an average of 89 million monthly unique visitors to its site, Yelp has surely met its goal of not only connecting people with great businesses but also helping communities find local events, lists and talk with other Yelpers in their community.







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