Spay Pride Beneficiaries

How can a 5K run/walk change lives?

Simply put: This event brings the community together to solve community issues.

When you consider the number of orphaned shelter animals which are euthanized on a daily basis within Arizona shelters (click here for statistics), you cannot deny there is a problem that requires community intervention.   In 2009, Dr. DeCozio,  veterinarian and Founder, created Panacea in hopes that others like herself would open there hearts, donate their time, money and/or expertise to helping solve this overwhelming problem of needless animal euthanasia.  This isn’t your typical event where funds end up paying overhead and salaries.   In the case of Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary, Dr. DeCozio donates her time, expertise and surgical skills at no cost, Panacea’s rescue pets are rehabilitated in loving foster homes rather than cold shelter kennels, and Panacea’s staff and workers are all unpaid volunteers. Therefore all monies raised go directly to paying for medicine and supplies so more animals can be saved.


Meet Bandit


happy endings



Bandit was  rescued from Maricopa County (West) Shelter because his health was declining quickly.   As a stray he almost lost his life to pneumonia in the shelter; but today, he holds his head high with his forever family (pictured below) by his side.



Meet Jingle



Jingle was found wandering the streets in Apache Junction.  His skin was like leather and so inflamed that by simply touching him he was cry in pain.  But today he gets to enjoy time in the park with his mom.






Meet Milo



There simply aren’t enough words to describe the shock and awe we saw the first day we met Milo at the shelter.   He has so many open wounds and rotting tissue that we just couldn’t leave the shelter without him.  Today, he is the perfect boy who has a family who loves him dearly.